Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Bradford Young Farmers Club


Just a few lines about the Young Farmers Club that was formed in Bradford in 1943. It was initiated with members of the National Farmers union (Bradford Branch) Members who formed the basis and where named as the advisory committee, where the following names Herbert Stott my father, and his friend Fred Watson who farmed at Greengates, then there was Harold Greenwood , he farmed at Eccleshill. then there was Edgar Greenwood, Poplars Farm, Kings Road. At the first meeting where the sons & daughters of the advisory committee who formed the Basis of the club official positions such as Chairman, Secretary Treasurer and Committee members. After a few meetings the club soon grew to upwards of a hundred members and was drawn from Sons & Daughters of farmers & farm workers, besides these their were members outside the farming community who were interested in farming and rural affairs. The Advisory, committee appointed a leader who helped with the running of the club, his name was Kenneth Moss an accountant who eventually became the President of the Bradford and Bingley Building Society.Add Image

The Young Farmers Club Was run democratically and held a annual general meeting where the officials were voted in by the members, but the Leader had to be elected by the advisory committee. the young farmers would hold meetings about monthly, at one of these a yearly syllabus would be drawn up, arranging meetings to be held through out the year, in winter meeting were mostly held in doors, perhaps at certain schools, In summer we would go to different venue’s, such as farms and any thing to do with agriculture, e.g.such as St Ives Grass Land Research Station, Nr Bingley.- Dairy’s such as Northen Dairies.-Egg Packing Station at Driglington.-and many other places. We would also get coach trips organized and go to various places, such has the experimental Farm at Higher Mowlthorp,another coach trip could be to the Dairy Show or the Fat Stock show in London which could include the Moter show

On a lighter note a few relationships not to mention marriages where formed and looking back and to the present day, a lot of these marriages were stable marriages, and quite a few have been successful in farming concerns.

If any past members read this I wish them well, and hope that they can send me any comments on the Bradford Young Farmers Club



This is a typical Syllabus, but unfortunately I don’t have one for Bradford Young Farmers



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