Starting in 1930 to mid 1940 I would like to mention how we spent our child hood the following are a few of the games we played. tors or marbles could be played with two or more players, it was a simple but enjoyable game, and entailed a player in turn had to try to hit any of the opponents marble and if successful would then be able to claim that marble as his own and build up his own stock, I remember that I would play most of the dinner time break, arriving home to have only ten minutes for my dinner, much to the Roth of my mother, we used to have an hour and half for dinner from school in those days and most pupils went home to dinner as we lived with-in easy walking distance of our school.    . Another game we played was french gricket, which was played with one lad being the baller and the other one holding the bat in front of His legs,his legs having to be together and not to move, the baller would be about Twenty feet away and would try to hit the batsmans legs, when the Batsman Managed to hit the ball he had to get as many runs has a could befor the baller hit him with the ball. When the Baller managed to hit the batsmans legs they then changed places, then at the end of the game the player added up their runs to see who was the winner, By the way this game was played with a Tennis ball and not a hard cricket ball.         The following are the Rules for french cricket taken from the internet.—————-


How to play:

The players stand in a circle, and somebody is chosen to bat first. He stands with his feet together, defending the “stumps”, which are his legs below the knees. The players in the circle bowl at the stumps and he must hit the ball away. If he hits the ball, and only if he hits the ball, he can move his feet and turn around to face in another direction. If he doesn’t hit the ball, he must twist and turn to try to defend the stumps without moving his feet. He can also be “caught out”, if he hits the ball and one of the players in the circle catches it before it bounces. You can get yourself into quite a pickle if you are trying to defend your stumps against a player who is bowling at you from behind!

When he is “out”, he is usually replaced by the player who bowled him or caught him out. If the game is very unequal, you might step in and make sure that everybody takes it in turns to bat instead. There were of course lots of other games which are hard to discribe, such as Hide and Seek which because we lived on a farm, ther were plenty of places to hide and it could take the seeker a long time to find every one. we also played Hide and Seek in the winter when it was dark and we used to play by the light of the street gas lighting, but the Hiders wern’t allowed to go out of the range of the light from the Gas lamp, of course the game had to stop when the war started becuase the street lights wern’t allowed to be lit because of the Black out. Other games were Hoop-la, Piggy, hope scotch and many more.