1929 I was Born at Eccleshill, which in those days was a village on the outskirts of Bradford, but is now completely built up and is now engulfed into Bradford city. (To the right of the Victoria Hotel on the bit of spare ground, originally there were the farm buildings and the farm house where i was born.)
I was the youngest of two children, my sister being Two and half years older than myself, I was a delicate child and suffered a lot from pneumonia and bronchitis which I grew out of by the time I was Seven years old, and from then on I went from strength to strength.
I was of a quiet nature and loved the country side and the out door life. Farming was my love and life, and as it be came my occupation, I enjoyed every minute, I also read and studied every aspect of agriculture.
I married at the age of Twenty-Two to a lovely girl named Betty Denning from Birkenshaw.
We had three lovely daughters who are a joy to this very day.
At the age of forty I decided because my health was not very good to leave farming and go into a lighter job. So with the family we bought our own house and moved into 84 West End Avenue, Harrogate, after West End Avenue we moved to our present address on Beech Rd where we have been for the last 26 years.

The reason I am writing this short History is because my Grandson Brendan is allowing me to use his Web Site, and I thought it would be nice if any one happens to read this that they would know a little about me.
I intend to write short episodes particularly about life in the 1930�s to 1960�s particularly pertaining to farming and village life.
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